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Nearly two weeks of competition at the E-Pro Europe crowned Miguel Blanco its 2021 champion over fellow Portuguese competitor Neco Pyrrait. Blanco’s incredible performance throughout the event culminated into a massive win with yet another jaw-dropping barrel ride, this time from Esquierda dos Dinossaurous.

“I’m so happy right now,” said Blanco via a Zoom interview. “It’s been such a fun event and it’s cool that they (Surf Web Series) were able to put this together with real judging and have the fans as a single judge as well. All I want to do when I’m home is surf great waves, find slabs and just get barreled so it was great to show that to the world. Thank you all so much.” Blanco’s barrel entries were bar-none compared to the likes of Maxime Huscenot with clips from France and Miguel Castrillon’s Mundaka, Spain, visions. In the end, the 25-year-old had to overcome event standout Neco Pyrrait and his formidable backhand at Ericeira. Both Blanco and Pyrrait claimed their spots in the World Championship set for April alongside Semifinalists Castrillon and Englishman Stanley Norman. The E-Pro Europe was made possible by Surf Open League, Tresesenta Magazine, and Glassing Monkey.

Miguel Blanco - Champion E-PRO EUROPE (Maryland - Photo @photoinwater)

The Surf Web Series now heads to the United States of America beginning March 11 to see who joins Europe’s, along with the other seven event Semifinalists, stacked list of World Championship qualifiers. Tune in for voting and more.

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